Real Time Plant Management

A modular shop floor execution system, affordable and customized for your processes, developed and implemented by people experienced in running factories and achieving world-class performance.

Machine access control

Each machine will only run if the worker is authorized. A training function allows the RTPM system to learn who is authorized and create a training matrix.

Document Control & Distribution

Production documents are displayed company-wide as needed. Workers always see the correct drawing, work instructions or control plan.


The system prints and scans bar-codes to track items. You can track your product, tooling, machines, containers. Every scan leaves a history and ensures that the item is in the right place.

Instant feedback

Performance metrics are displayed instantly to each production associate and to their supervisors. Instant feedback is known to have the most impact on quality, productivity and accountability.

Integration and Interfacing

RTPM extracts and supplies data from/to existing computer systems, e.g. ERP and provides standard interfaces for data downloads. It communicates with machines to extract data and update machine parameters

Sensor and consumption data

RTPM reads values from meters, counters, environmental sensors then stores and displays the data. It can act if the data exceeds limits you define. Actions can be e-mail, text messages or even automatic machine shutdown


  • Productivity

  • Scrap

  • Repair & Rework

  • Production quantities and parts location

  • ...and many more

Hardware Support

RTPM runs in any modern web browser and is hardware-independent

  • PC with

  • Handheld scanners

  • Single-board computers

  • Tablets, smart phones

About the creators of RTPM

RTPM was first created and implemented by Adams Thermal Systems, Inc., a world-class manufacturer of cooling systems for cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. The company needed a system that would promote accountability, productivity, provide traceability and ensure quality products are shipped. The system was designed by experienced factory managers to be self-learning, pro-active, robust and very cost-effective. RTPM addresses the challenges you find in a complex, vertically-integrated manufacturing company.

An implementation of RTPM at your company will consist of the following steps:

  1. Determine expectations and constraints at the customer

  2. Integration - Map customer data and processes to RTPM

  3. Deploy shop floor stations & sensors and test-drive

  4. Ramp up to full-scale

  5. Support and extensions

Pricing & licensing


The software can be hosted either

  1. in your facility
  2. in the cloud
You pay an annual license fee and don't need to purchase a server in either case.


You purchase and maintain the workstations for your factory floor. You can use existing computers. Here are budgetary numbers

  • Tablet, no scanning - $100-$500
  • PC workstation, scanning, no machine i/o - $650
  • PC workstation, scanning, machine i/o, full capabilities - $800
  • Barcode printer - $200-$1000
  • Handheld mobile scanners, scanning, no machine i/o - $1800

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